Bagel and Lox

Bagel And Lox
Bagel And Lox.
A little history of Bagel and lox, ... Over the past 20 years, ring-shaped, doughy bagels have transformed from a Jewish delicacy into part of mainline American culture.
Bagels are traditionally served with a schmear of cream cheese, purple onions, and of course plenty of lox!
By the way, the thinly-sliced smoked salmon that almost everyone calls "Lox" is actually called "Nova."
Regular "Lox" is cured in a brine solution but may or may not be smoked; nova is cured and then cold-smoked (so it stays oily and moist)

Because the bagel has become so Americanized (with bizarre,though popular variations such as blueberry breakfast bagels, sweet dessert bagels, and designer bagels with many different flavors), you can distinguish yourself as a "Real Jew" by kvetching "You just can't get real bagels anymore."
Legend has it that bagels were invented in the 17th century by a baker commemorating the defeat of the Turkish army by the King of Poland...and if you are wondering where the bagel got it's shape?
It's the shape of a stirrup on a horse's saddle
So now you know!